SD-315SCS Coldsaw

SD-315SCS Coldsaw

£1950.00 excl. VAT and delivery

Chopsaw, coldsaw and circular saw call these what you will, These are still extremely popular and this model is no exception, built to a high specification with 315mm blade, fixed rear vice, double mitring to 45° and the coolant system all included as standard.

Max Capacity: 95mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, PVC,

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• Versatile cut-off saw for workshop duties.
• Two speed motor 18 and 36 RPM.
• Mitre right and left to 45°.
• Reduction gearbox in an oil bath.
• Heavy duty vice with an adjustable deburr device.
• Low voltage on / off control on the handle.


Standard Equipment

Shss coated Blade. • manual.

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